October 1, 2022

Client’s Review of an Escort

1 min read

One thing that makes Tampa escorts happy Is getting feedback from their clients. Whether they are a one-day client or a repeat client, knowing how they performed with them helps them a lot. When they receive positive remarks, they try to improve them even more. On the other hand, when a client gives a negative remark, they immediately know it’s time for them to act.

Clients give feedback through two main ways which are:

1.    Through the agency

Once your date with a Tampa escort is done, it is always a kind gesture to call the agency where you had booked your date and give your feedback. Although not all clients do this, some are kind enough to let the agency know how their girl performed. The agency then passes the message to the escort and congratulates them where need be.

2.    Through Their Websites

Many Tampa escorts are now digital and have their own sites or accounts with their agencies. Once your date is done, you can go back to her site or account and share your experience with her.


Dating a stranger and spending hours or days with her is never easy. Therefore, when you find reviews from other clients, it becomes much easier for you to trust them.