Common Terms Among Escorts

The escort industry is definitely an adult industry. No one is allowed to operate as an escort if she is below 18 years of age. In some countries, they even raise the bar higher and demand people to be 22 and above years of age for them to work as escorts. This means, their clients should also be of the same age group and not below adult age.

However, it still feels awkward to use some language openly when dealing with an escort. The same thing happens when an escort is dealing with their clients. Therefore, Sydney escorts decided to come up with simple ways of dealing with this problem. They coined several words and started using them in their business. For a starter, it might be a bit difficult to understand what all these words stand for. In this article, we have recorded down some of these terms to make things easier for you.

  1. “John”

When a Sydney escort talks about John, they are not referring to someone called John. This is simply a coined language to stand for a client who pays them for sexual acts.

  1. Gorilla

This is a word that Sydney escorts use to warn each other against working for a particular client due to his bad reputation. Any client referred to as Gorilla is one who likes controlling their escorts and if things get out of hand, they even use physical violence. Since the girls might not be able to put them off openly, they warn each other against working with such a client.

  • Bottom

When an escort is mature enough to be the head or supervisor of the other escorts, she is normally referred to as a Bottom. It is a great advantage for a Sydney escort to be appointed as a “Bottom” since it comes with very many benefits. They also have a lot to do for the agency they work for including; booking hotel rooms for the girls, posting ads, collecting payment and many more. These girls are so lucky that they might never need to do with a client to earn an income unless they wish to.

  1. A date

Once an escort is with a client, she is said to be on a “date”. This might take hours or even days depending on the preference of the client.


Every group has its own coined language which they use to communicate. This language helps a lot in the escort industry and especially in countries where the escort business is not legal.

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