The London Escort Tale: It Began Backwards

I’ve dated women in my life and all those dates began with the same unsaid terms, ‘woo if you want to sleep’. But Sara was different. Well, for starters, she was one of those escorts in London who are dressed to kill. I found her on London Escorts website, a website probably made for men like me who have too little patience to stay committed and too much cash in their pockets to not enjoy life. I chose Sara simply because she looked like the ideal male fantasy. Curvaceous, bootylicious, wild curly hair, tanned glowing skin, and above all, the most tantalizing lips I’ve ever seen. I was hooked the minute I saw her pictures of the London Escorts website.

I don’t know how most escorts in London are. But Sara is a jewel. I met her on my birthday bash. She was my special invitation. I introduced her to my best buddies Jody and Mike and I could tell they were burning from within. So, Jody went to get drunk and Mike probably vented it out in front of his girlfriend. I didn’t care. I was with this beautiful girl and we already were headed to my bedroom. That was the first night a girl had me making love to her thrice in a row. And when the night was over, I expected she would leave and I would forget about her. But, I just couldn’t. So, fast forward two days and I was already booking her for myself through London escorts for a weekend.

Later next week I thought of moving on and looking at other escorts in London but by that time I had become comfortable with Sara to an absurd amount. We weren’t just having sex. We were talking about stuff that I seldom shared with others. So, there I was, booking Sara on London escorts for the third time and she laughed real hard when she met me. I didn’t know what it was that made spending time with her so much better. She was so wholesome. From her looks to her talks to her thoughts. Are all escorts in London like that? I don’t know. I just knew this genuinely awesome person who knew what fun was.

Last I met Sara was two weeks ago. I asked her specifically to wear a sundress and she did. She was glowing in a white sundress and I honestly felt for once that I must send a special thank you tip to London escorts. We went to watch a movie together, ate Italian food, literally walked around the city like an old couple, and then came home to make love. For that night, I could see that having a steady girlfriend isn’t the worst idea. I might just enjoy it. But then I had to leave for a business trip to Chicago. It was definitely the best time I had in London. I am thinking of trying new escorts in London when I return but I’m pretty sure that I am going to want to meet Sara again. After all, London escorts did say they’d love to see me again.

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